This weeks headline news 12/02/2017


  • A 10-year-old boy has died after an accident at clothing retailer Topshop’s Reading store this Tuesday. Karen Reddick is believed to have passed away after injuring himself on a display within the store. Despite three three ambulances and a rapid response vehicle arriving at the scene, the South Central Ambulance service were unable to save him. 
  • Around 360kg (793lbs) of cocaine was found washed up on beaches in Norfolk this week. The drugs, which have a street value of an estimated £50m, were found on Hopton beach, near Great Yarmouth and also on a beach near Caister according to the National Crime Agency (NCA). The NCA border investigations team are now working with Border Force, the Coastguard Agency and Norfolk Police to establish how the bags ended up there. 
  • An undercover reporter who spent two months at the HMP Northumberland prison has revealed how he witnessed wide spread drug use and a complete lack of control. The reporter, who worked as a custody officer in the prison, revealed he found inmates incapacitated by drugs, threatening towards staff members and often left to their own devices, whilst some prison guards revealed that they were afraid to confront prisoners incase back up took too long to arrive. The report was shown on BBC Panorama on Monday. 
  • RAF jets scrambled to intercept two nuclear-capable Russian bombers who flew into Britain’s “area of interest” this Friday. The planes were believed to have flown through the coast of Norway before passing the west coast of Ireland, although they did not enter British “airspace”.


  • Toshiba chairman Shigenori Shiga has resigned just hours after details were released showing the company has being running at a loss of $3.4bn, (390 billion yen). 
  • The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam, has been killed in an attack at an international airport in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. Police say the late Kim Jong-il’s eldest son was waiting at a terminal for a 10.00 flight to Macau when he was attacked by an unknown woman who covered his with a cloth laced with liquid, resulting in his death.
  • North Korea  launched its first ballistic missile since Donald Trump became US president on Sunday. Pyongyang fired the medium-range rocket which flew 500km before crashing into the Sea of Japan, according to the US and South Korean military. 
  • Up to 188,000 people were evacuated from their homes in California this week after an emergency spillway in the US’s tallest dam, the Oroville Dam, began eroding, prompting fears it could release floodwaters. Although the dam itself currently remains structurally sound, weeks of heavy rain caused the Lake Oroville reservoir to rise above its capacity and lap over the spillway, which is designed to alleviate pressure on the dam.


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