This weeks headline news 1/11/2015



  • Terrifying CCTV footage has been released of a woman in her 20’s being sexually assaulted in broad daylight on the doorstep of her own property after returning home in Clapham, London. The attacker was filmed on a residential street creeping up behind the woman before pushing her to the floor as she tried to fight him off. The woman- who cannot be named for legal reasons- shouted to her boyfriend who quickly ran to open the door, when the attacker fled from the scene. Police are now searching for the alleged attacker.
  • An Oxford graduate managed to swindle his way into this weeks James Bond premier at the Albert Hall, London by forging a copy of the £200 ticket after seeing the image on social network Instagram. James Ware, who works as a part-time DJ, proudly revealed how he photoshopped and then printed the ticket before presenting it to security staff at the event, preventing the real owner of the ticket from entering.
  • British-born actor and former Tommy Hilfiger model Sam Sarpong, 40 has committed suicide this week after Police and family spent almost seven hours trying to coax him down from the Colorado Street bridge in Pasadena, Los Angeles. The 40-year-old star-who is the brother of British TV presenter June Sarpong- is said to have suffered from depression in the months leading up to his death.
  • In London, a man in his 20s has reportedly had his face ‘ripped off’ outside the W London Hotel after a sofa fell from the penthouse apartment onto him. Witnesses say the young man had been walking past the building when the two-seater sofa fell from scaffolding above one of the exclusive private apartments and landed directly on his head. Emergency services were called to the scene however it is believed the man is still in a critical condition.
  • Around 1,827 Vodafone customers may have been subjected to a cyber attack after an unknown source attempted to access the accounts between Wednesday and Thursday this week. Vodafone said it is currently investigating the security breach before warning that a handful of customers accounts may now be open to fraudulent activities despite the company insisting it had taken the correct protocol following the breach. The cyber attack comes just a week after phone and broadband provider TalkTalk was hacked, resulting in customer’s personal details including bank sort codes being accessed by an unknown source.


  • A 10 minute video has been uploaded onto streaming site Youtube showing a scantily-clad actress appearing drunk at 5.30pm in the middle of Madrid. The video was produced as part of a social experiment by the rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus in order to gauge men’s reactions to the apparently drunk and thus vulnerable woman. Several men are seen approaching the woman and attempting to take her a secluded spot and get intimate with her, whilst others offer to buy her more alcohol.
  • The parents of a young British backpacker who died in Koh Tao in January believe they have have tracked down the last person to see her alive- despite both Thai and British authorities failing to do so. Christina Annesley, 23 had been just two weeks into a four-month trip backpacking across Asia when she was found dead in Thailand. Her death is said to have been related to medication she had taken to treat a chest infection. Her devastated parents spoke of their disappointment at the failure of authorities during an inquest at Croydon Coroner’s Court this week before revealing they had managed to track down the last person to see her and had also had several phone calls with him.
  • British tourists staying at a Turkish hotel were left fearing for their lives this week after a staff member dressed up as an ISIS killer confronted holiday-makers. Onlookers reported seeing an unknown man donning a black mask and robes, chanting in Arabic whilst he approached tourists and pretended to pull out a gun from underneath his clothing. Many families were said to have fled in fear whilst workers at the Club Hotel Pineta in Marmaris looked on in amusement.
  • Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has announced his divorce from former BBC weather girl Reham Khan, just some 10 months after tying the knot. Khan announced the sudden news via his Twitter account saying: ‘This is a painful time’. The former couples marriage made headline news in January this year after they faced angry backlash from Khan’s conservative Muslim family who believed the divorced mother-of-three was not a suitable match for the 62-year-old.
  • Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, whose sentence of 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for “insulting Islam” caused public outcry, has this week been awarded the European Parliament’s Sakharov human rights prize. Badawi, who is the author of website ‘Free Saudi Liberals’, was given a hefty sentence and ordered to pay £175,000 after speaking out against Islam in 2012 despite various politicians campaigning against this.
  • A Russian aircraft carrying 224 people crashed into a mountainous area of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula this Saturday, killing everyone on board. According to Egyptian officials, a response team discovered the wreckage of the plane roughly 60 miles south of the North Sinai town of El-Arish and were able to retrieve the planes black box for analysis. It is thought that more than 17 of the passengers on broad were young children whilst the majority were of French origin. Islamic state militants are currently claiming responsibility over the crash however both Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail and Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov have both expressed their doubts about the accuracy of this.

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