The little red dress



My visit to Morocco was a very last-minute and spontaneous venture and it wasn’t until 2 days before my flight that I realised my little holiday was going to require some sunny-weather clothes! As the majority of my wardrobe is displaced over half of the UK at the homes of friends and family, I made a pit-stop shopping trip to my nearest high street. After running around like a headless chicken for a good hour before realising that pretty much every high street chain had decided winter was well and truly on the way and the stopped selling summer wear, I found this bargain!

I found this gorgeous little summer dress hanging on the sale racks in none other than Peacocks for a tidy sum of £6, £6!!!!!!

Bloody bargain!


I don’t think the photos do it justice if I’m honest, the red is so vibrant and the whites really contrast giving it an almost 60’s hippy vibe. It was also perfect for the intense heat in Morocco which I really was not prepared for at this time of year. The dress comes with a little belt around the waist to give it a bit of shape or you can sack of the belt and wear it as more of a t-shirt style dress. I picked up a size bigger than normal as I wanted it to have a little slack for the heat but last time I checked, Peacocks still had it in size’s 8-14.

If you’re thinking of visiting Morocco any time soon, do it! I absolutely fell in love with the place and despite having a general rule of not visiting the same place twice unless I’m moving there, Morocco will definitely be a place I visit once a year.


T-shirt dress- Peacocks

Tan bag- Primark

Black ballet shoes- Primark

Sunglasses- Ray Ban

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