Life’s a beach


So, as you are probably aware, I have now landed safely back in the UK after my amazing holiday in Bali. Word’s cannot describe just how incredible my experience was or how out-of-this world beautiful Bali is. I’m not one of those travellers who can go back to the same place more than once unless I’m moving there but Bali is definitely the exception!

The weather was a wonderful 30°C + throughout our entire stay which meant I was permanently rocking maxi skirts, loose trousers and crop tops to my hearts content!








This white crochet top was a bargain find at one of the many local clothing markets at Gili trawangan, bought for just £2 after some serious haggling with a rather forthright shopkeeper! Despite being quite thick due to its cotton material, it was incredibly breezy and it’s backless structure meant I didn’t feel suffocated in the intense humidity (it was also perfect for some serious back-tanning when I was out and about exploring!). If you’re visiting Bali soon, I would suggest you stock up on some of these cheap and stylish crochet outfits, they’re just perfect for sunny holidays! I have seen a few similar styles knocking about on Ebay too, so if Bali’s a bit out of your budget, why not take a look there?

I styled my new crochet find with my gorgeous maxi skirt-bought on a last-minute holiday shop at Primark- my favourite Moroccan leather handbag and my vintage Ocean wave sunglasses.


Crochet top: Bought in Bali

Maxi Skirt: Primark

Bag: Bought in Morocco

Hat: Primark

Sunglasses: Ocean wave

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