Hola Señorita

You know when you find that one item of clothing that just seems to go with everything and suddenly you can’t imagine life without it? Well, that’s what happened to me when I found this top.  

It may not look like much on the hanger, but put it on and I feel like I’ve just walked out of a vogue magazine shoot full of hip looking Spanish dancers (well, something like that).

Whether I lose or gain weight, I always seem to maintain quite a prominent collar bone (a feature I’ve always found to be quite feminine) and this top compliments it just perfectly. I bought it for the bargain price of £3 at one of the numerous clothing markets in Gili Trawangan and pretty much wore it to death for the remainder of my holiday. Despite the frills, the material is actually very light and airy and there is an elasticated band just under the boob area to allow for a bit of stretch. I saw various other versions of the same top in different colours dotted about all over Bali so if you are visiting soon then it shouldn’t be hard to pick yourself up a similar design!

Primark are also stocking some really great off-the-shoulder tops this summer for an absolute steal, so it’s always worth checking them out if you’re searching for that perfect girly, summer look on a budget!

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