Don’t worry, be happy!

Okay, so I’m finally back from my almost month-long adventure in the beautiful island of Bali and I have a gazillion photos to upload, blog posts to write and stories to share! (not to mention a load of assignments to catch up on for work!)

But before I do anything else, I HAVE to share with you my favourite purchase from my travels: this bikini!!!

I know you are probably wondering why the hell I’m getting super excited about a bikini but I cannot tell you the endless struggles I have faced trying to track down a bikini that is both comfortable and stylish (and not to mention accommodating for those who are not so well-endowed in the breast department!).

I spotted this bikini at one of Bali’s many markets and was able to haggle it down to the bargain price of 100,000 rupees (roughly ¬£5). Despite people insisting it was expensive due to it being low season for tourism (and thus prices are raised) I was more than happy to pay double if I had to! I’m a big Damian Marley fan and slipping on this bikini makes me feel like I’m sunning it up on a beach in Jamaica, blasting out my favourite Marley tunes and sipping on some fresh coconut (coincidently, this is exactly what I was doing in Bali).

The material is handmade crochet so it has a habit loosening up a little in the water and you may have to adjust it a few times if you’re planning on going for a dip in the ocean.¬†However, like I said it’s super comfortable and a great style so I think thats a small price to pay!

If you haven’t been to Bali before, I cannot recommend visiting enough, it is literally paradise on earth!!

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