Dolce & Gabbana Foundation & Concealer


If you read my recent blog post on the MAC studio sculpt foundation, then you’ll know I went on a little bit of a foundation shopping spree last month. As much as I love my most recent MAC purchase, I tend to use it as more of an ‘every day wear’ foundation and so I still felt I needed something for those special occasions/nights out/days when I literally wake up looking dead and MAC just wont cut it.

Behold D&G’s Classic creamy foundation!

Although the price is pretty steep compared to your standard foundation (the MAC studio sculpt costs a more conservative £25 whereas the D&G costs around £40 ), I figure every now and then you’ve got to splurge out on that something special, particularly when it comes to your skin.

And that’s exactly what D&G classic creamy foundation is.. something incredibly special.

Although it comes in a pot as opposed to a bottle and thus lacks that liquid consistently, it actually applies to the skin very similarly to my MAC foundation. Even the smallest dab of this foundation spreads evenly, providing a whole lot of coverage for just one pea-sized amount. Not only that but the results are amazing, I mean, practically flawless, so flawless in fact, that you can kiss goodbye to your concealer because you wont be needing any of that!

Due to the fact that it spreads so thoroughly, I would go ahead and bet this foundation would last you for at least 6 months, which I think is a pretty good investment. That being said, I’ll still be saving mine for those special occasions just so I can get a few of those ‘Oh my god, you don’t look dead anymore/have you been on holiday’ comments.

Since the foundation worked so well for me and as so many people had recommended it, I decided to pick up a bottle of the perfect matte concealer too. The consistency is a little ‘heavier’ than the foundation but the coverage is absolutely flawless and really does wonders for those pesky bags under my eyes (literally the bane of my life). The only downside I’ve found to this product is that there just isn’t enough of it! As you can probably tell from the photo’s, the bottle itself is teeny tiny so again it’s another one of those special occasion wears.

Honestly, you need this foundation/concealer combination in your life, so go ahead and get it, you’ll thank me later 😉


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