Back once again with a renegade MACster

Im back reporting with another Mac.

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering when Ill start blogging about something other than Beige colours and Macs but the fact of it is: you just cannot beat a good old mackintosh!

I have been really inspired by the style of Jenna Coleman lately (so much so that I even decided to get a few highlights put through my hair to match hers, although mine appear to have turned rather ginger of late), her outfits seem so simple yet sophisticated, a true quintessential english rose, if you will. So, when I saw her looking absolutely goddamn flawless in a cream mac a few weeks ago, off I plodded to the shops to get myself one! Thinking back, that probably makes me sound like a bit of a weirdo stalker but ask me and ill happily admit that I harbour quite the girl crush on Miss Coleman!

p.s please excuse me hair, I didn’t just crawl through a bush, but Ive decided to stop blow-drying my hair so much as it was leaving it feeling very dry, particularly when its so cold outside.


Mac- H&M

Jeans – River Island

Boots-New Look

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