This weeks headline news 4/09/2016


  • A former teacher who was banned from the general teaching council for Scotland has given birth to a son this week. 28-year-old French teacher, Isabelle Graham repeatedly ‘engaged in sexual activity’ with a 17-year-old pupil after plying him with alcohol and sharing a bed with him at a Travelodge in Edinburgh. Graham, who says she is a devout christian, has repeatedly denied the charges, saying she believes her drink was spiked as she has no recollection of the events.
  • Junior doctors have come under criticism this week after announcing a further 15 days of planned strike action before christmas. The walk-outs are planned for the 5,6,7,10 and 11 of October, the 14th-18th of November and the 5th-9th of December. Theresa May has previously spoken out about the strikes, accusing the doctors of ‘playing politics’ instead of ‘putting patients first’, as the row continues over the controversial new work contracts.
  • Police has revealed that a 16-year-old girl from Halesowen in the West Midlands, took her own life after fearing she would be called racist when a photo of her with darkened skin and a headscarf was shared online. Phoebe Connop had edited the photo after getting into an online relationship with an unknown Asian male.The talented gymnast sent the picture to friends, explaining that the only way she would win the approval of her boyfriend’s parents would be if she looked like the girl in the photo.
  • A 51-year-old man has been jailed after attempting to blackmail a major supermarket into giving him £2million, it has been revealed. David Ward, an unemployed chemistry graduate, sent a vial of the deadly poison to the unnamed supermarkets HQ along with a letter in which he threatened to place an item of food laced with cyanide on the shelves which, if consumed, would instantly kill someone.Detectives managed to track down Ward through DNA left on the stamp from the package containing the poison, which he purchased on the ‘dark web’. He was instantly arrested with just 24 hours to go before his blackmail `deadline`. He now faces held behind bars for seven years after pleading guilty to blackmail.
  • A child actor was killed alongside his aunt in a horrific car accident in South-East London this weeks, just 500 yards from their home. 10-year-old Makayah McDermott had recently auditioned for a leading role in a major new television series and was on the cusp of stardom. The child and his aunt, Rozanne Cooper, 34,  were on their way to Alexandra Recreation Ground in Penge, along with Cooper`s daughter, nieces and nephew when a Ford Focus involved in a high-speed police chase, careered out of control, mounting the pavement and smashing into the family.


  • An ISIS suicide bomber attacked a Catholic priest with an axe after attempting to blow up hundreds of worshippers at a church in Indonesia during Sunday Mass.Priest Albert Pandiangan, 60, was holding the holy ceremony at St Yoseph Church in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, when an  18-year-old fanatic rushed towards him with a backpack bomb and tried to blow himself up. Fortunately the  bomb burned without setting off the explosives, but the jihadi then pulled an axe from his bag and slashed the priest’s arm causing mild injuries. Police were promptly called to the scene where they arrested the unnamed attacker.
  • World-renowned actor Gene Wilder had died this week aged 83 after a secret battle with Alzheimer’s. The talented performer is said to have passed away in Stamford, Connecticut due to complications due related to the disease. Wilder is best-known for his work in the films Young Frankenstein and children’s favourite ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.’
  • Two Canadian women have been arrested this week after they were accused of smuggling over $23 million worth of cocaine into Sydney on a cruise ship. Melina Roberge, 23, and Isabelle Lagacé, 28, were on the Sea Princess cruise, which started in Britain and visited Canada, USA, Colombia, Peru and Auckland before arriving in Australia on Sunday. The pair documented their lavish holiday on social media before they were caught illegally attempting to import 95kg (200lb) of cocaine into the country. The duo, who are originally from Quebec, are now facing life in prison after being charged with one count each of ‘import commercial quantity of border controlled drug.’
  • Frankfurt Airport was bought to a standstill this week after a woman with two small children was suspected of carrying a bomb in her bag. The unidentified woman was said to have been carrying explosives in her bag after she was stopped for a security check at the terminal. Armed police and airport security staff immediately evacuated the terminal, causing passengers to panic and causing long delays for incoming and outgoing flights. Further reports have since indicated that no explosive devices or materials were found on the woman however traces of explosives were discovered in her rucksack. She continues to be questioned by police.
  • A US student who disappeared in China in 2004 has reportedly been found alive and well in North Korea after being kidnapped to serve as Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor.David Sneddon of Brigham Young University disappeared in Yunnan Province when he was just 24-years-old. Police at the time believed he was most probably the victim of a hiking accident. However, new reports have emerged from Choi Sung-yong, head of South Korea’s Abductees’ Family Union, claiming that Sneddon was kidnapped to be an English tutor to the then-heir to North Korea.

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