This weeks headline news 04/12/2016


  • The wife of a British oil executive committed suicide in an attempt to escape her `controlling husband’ a court has heard this week. 38-year-old Denniel Higginson, originally from Australia, had been on a family holiday with her husband when the couple are believed to have gotten into an argument. Denniel, also known as Dee, subsequently climbed over a rail on her hotel room balcony, before plunging to her death.
  • Vegans and vegetarians have called on the Bank of England to scrap the  new £5 note after it was revealed to contain traces of animal fat. The UK’s central bank confirmed via twitter that the note does contain tallow, a substance made from animal fat, most commonly beef, deer or sheep. Tallow is often used in various household and cooking products as well as soap, candles and skin care.
  • Former Fawlty towers star Andrew Sachs has passed away at the age of 86 following a four-year battle with vascular dementia. Sachs’ wife revealed the star passed away at a care home as his health had deteriorated in recent weeks. He has suffered from pneumonia three times during his long battle with dementia.
  • Former footballer Andy Woodward has bravely spoken out about the sexual abuse he endured as a young player, paving the way for several others to come forward. Police are now investigating leads from at least 350 alleged victims at various football clubs across the UK whilst Chelsea football club now face questions over an alleged cover up story over previous allegations.


  • A plane carrying 72 passengers – including the Brazilian football team, Chapecoense, crashed into a remote columbian mountain this Tuesday after suffering electrical and fuel failures. The flight was on its way to Medellin International Airport in Colombia  where the team were set to play in the Copa Sudamerica final however the plane was not carrying enough fuel for the journey and came crashing down at around 10.15pm. Six of the passengers miraculously survived the crash but are still in intensive care.
  • Police and security services in Russia have unveiled a new breed of genetically-enhanced canines which will be used for sniffing out explosives and drugs. The so-called ‘designer dogs’ were cloned by south Korean professor, Dr Hwang Woo Suk and are each valued at an impressive $100,000. They are to be of sole use for the police and FSB secret service in Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic.
  • Shocking footage emerged this week showing the moment a circus trainer was mauled to death by a lion during a live show in Egypt. 35-year-old Trainer Islam Shaheen was filmed by a spectator as one of three lions he was working with began biting him in the neck as the crowd looked on. Shaheen was rushed to Andalusian Salam hospital but sadly died  from his injuries.
  • Formula one star Nico Rosberg announced he is retiring from the sport this week, just five days after taking the formula one world title. The 31-year old German driver made his announcement in Vienna on Friday, saying he had worked very hard to fulfil his lifelong achievement of winning the title and now wishes to concentrate on spending time with his family.
  • At least 9 people have died and 25 are still missing after a huge fire broke out at a rave in northern California this weekend. Officials say the fire began in the early hours of Saturday morning at the rave in an Oakland warehouse where musician Golden Donna was performing. A search is still underwear for the remaining missing people as firefighters claim they saw no evidence of a sprinkler system being activated during the blaze.

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