A late valentines day

So, Valentines day has been and gone and surprisingly, this year I didnt find myself crying into a half-eaten tub of ice cream whilst trolling the Instagram pages of loved-up couples. 

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by my very thoughtful boyfriend who’d bought me the cutest selection of gifts. I’m not really what you would call the ‘romantic’ type and generally cringe at all things girly/matters of the heart-related. But even I let out a little ‘awww’ when he presented them to me. 


This beautiful light-weight coat was one of my favourite things amongst the goodies. I had spotted it a few weeks before whilst browsing Topshop’s new season collection and the feminine colour just jumped right out at me. I am constantly trying to bring a bit of colour to my wardrobe as I know i’m terrible for rocking a collection of all-black outfits on a regular basis. 

As the weather here is still tripping between ‘Game of thrones deathly cold’ and ‘Indian Summers’ I haven’t had a chance to wear it much but I’m sure if you follow my Instagram you’ll soon see me wearing it until it’s practically submerged into my skin.


Turtleneck top- New Look 

Jeans- TK MAXX

Heels- Guess