Oversized Topshop

Happy weekend! 

After spending the last few weeks struggling through this icy weather in a worn-out pair of converse trainers, I finally decided to head out to Portobello Market to try and nab myself a decent pair of boots. I honestly have the worst circulation in my hands and feet ever, so when they’re cold, the rest of my body really feels it. 

Whilst I was out and about I thought I’d take a few snaps of my new Topshop faux fur jacket which was one of my christmas presents from Benj. I have seen so many people rocking the Zara faux leather version of this and as much as I love it, there was just something about the Topshop version that I preferred. I feel like it looks much more feminine due to the soft material and it is also SO unbelievably warm! (even with just a simple t-shirt on underneath). I’d love to be one of those women who can dress purely for style in the winter but Im all about practicality- anything that will keep me at a normal body temperature and won’t be too restrictive. 

Im still trying to figure out how to style it up- maybe a few oversized turtlenecks and some skinny jeans? Im going through a little fashion ‘low’ at the moment- I think Im getting to that stage in my life when I really want to try something more bold and adventurous with my style but I’m not really sure ‘where’ I want to go with it, if that makes sense? If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for some styles I should try, I would love to hear them!


One shade of grey

As soon as I swept my eyes upon this grey warehouse maxi dress, I knew I had to have it but at just under 60, it was way out of my wardrobe budget! So, when warehouse started their winter sale (which consisted of mainly summer clothing), I practically raced down there to search high and low for this dress! I almost broke out in my best Beyonce dance routine when I saw it had been reduced to 15!

The material is deceiving as although it looks quite heavy and quilted, its actually incredibly light and breezy which makes it ideal for hot weather (hence why it was my go-to evening dress in Morocco with the heavy desert heat).  

Warehouse generally have some really pretty, quirky and glamorous maxi dresses during the summer but they seem to have a slightly smaller range this year. Not to worry though, plenty of high street stores such as New Look, Topshop and online retailers ASOS, all have some gorgeous maxis at the moment.

Grey Maxi dress- Warehouse

P.s- the location for this shoot was the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, if you haven’t been before then I would highly suggest you visit, its absolutely show-stopping!

Cool, Calm and Collected

So as you can probably tell, I am not exactly doing a great job of keeping up with my new years resolution of posting more on the blog….

I do have a valid reason though, having spent the last 2 weeks working non-stop on a writing project!

The weather in the UK is extremely erratic at the moment, so my outfits are changing every other day! Yesterday however it was nothing but blue skies so I quickly raced out the house to take a few snaps (and then realised that it was actually still very, very cold).

Anyway, heres a little outfit inspiration for you, mainly just so I can show off my new Oliver people’s sunglasses which my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with this week. Nothing says ‘Im cool as f**k’ than a pair of reflective sunglasses, (they also make for great stalking-wear as none can see my nosey eyes).

I cannot wait for some of that sweet summer sun to arrive so I can show off these glasses in all their glory!


White drape blouse- Topshop
Black straight-cut trousers- H&M
Sandals- Birkenstocks
Sunglasses- Oliver people
Hat- Vintage
Rucksack- Primark
Clutch bag- Primark

A late valentines day

So, Valentines day has been and gone and surprisingly, this year I didnt find myself crying into a half-eaten tub of ice cream whilst trolling the Instagram pages of loved-up couples. 

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by my very thoughtful boyfriend who’d bought me the cutest selection of gifts. I’m not really what you would call the ‘romantic’ type and generally cringe at all things girly/matters of the heart-related. But even I let out a little ‘awww’ when he presented them to me. 


This beautiful light-weight coat was one of my favourite things amongst the goodies. I had spotted it a few weeks before whilst browsing Topshop’s new season collection and the feminine colour just jumped right out at me. I am constantly trying to bring a bit of colour to my wardrobe as I know i’m terrible for rocking a collection of all-black outfits on a regular basis. 

As the weather here is still tripping between ‘Game of thrones deathly cold’ and ‘Indian Summers’ I haven’t had a chance to wear it much but I’m sure if you follow my Instagram you’ll soon see me wearing it until it’s practically submerged into my skin.


Turtleneck top- New Look 

Jeans- TK MAXX

Heels- Guess