Oversized Topshop

Happy weekend! 

After spending the last few weeks struggling through this icy weather in a worn-out pair of converse trainers, I finally decided to head out to Portobello Market to try and nab myself a decent pair of boots. I honestly have the worst circulation in my hands and feet ever, so when they’re cold, the rest of my body really feels it. 

Whilst I was out and about I thought I’d take a few snaps of my new Topshop faux fur jacket which was one of my christmas presents from Benj. I have seen so many people rocking the Zara faux leather version of this and as much as I love it, there was just something about the Topshop version that I preferred. I feel like it looks much more feminine due to the soft material and it is also SO unbelievably warm! (even with just a simple t-shirt on underneath). I’d love to be one of those women who can dress purely for style in the winter but Im all about practicality- anything that will keep me at a normal body temperature and won’t be too restrictive. 

Im still trying to figure out how to style it up- maybe a few oversized turtlenecks and some skinny jeans? Im going through a little fashion ‘low’ at the moment- I think Im getting to that stage in my life when I really want to try something more bold and adventurous with my style but I’m not really sure ‘where’ I want to go with it, if that makes sense? If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for some styles I should try, I would love to hear them!


Winter Blues

Happy (belated) Christmas to you all and a merry winter! I hope Santa spoiled you with gifts and love galore. You may have noticed I have been slightly absent over the December period so my blog is looking a little bare. Truth be told, December has been a bit of a rough month for me, beginning with me having my wisdom teeth removed and ending with a short but strong bout (check) of gastritis. In between being sick as a dog, I began a part-time job and crammed in seeing as many family members and friends as I could in the run-up to Christmas (this included a lot of travelling across the UK) so I really didn’t have any time to sit down at my laptop and write anything. Honestly, I have really missed writing and blogging but sometimes its does the mind and body good to take a little break. It might be a bit of a taboo subject but I always like to be honest, in reality, it can be quite difficult to maintain my blog when it doesn’t provide me with any income. In an ideal world I would be making some kind of profit for all the work I put in, which by the way is quite a lot, but as I don’t, it leaves little time to focus on blogging and more time spent in the money-making world.

Anyway, rant over, hopefully this year I will be able to create a decent balance between the two!

I am loving this navy blue winter coat from New Look right now. There is something about a long-length, straight-cut coat that makes a woman feel powerful, as if you’re about to head to your office in downtown Manhattan (is it just me, or do you feel the same?). I had my eye on it for some time but resisted he urge to buy it as I just knew that New Look would stick it on their winter sale racks in good time, and that they did!

Perfect for this winter weather (it is literally FREEZING here in London at the moment) and chic enough to go with anything, I think this will be in my wardrobe for a few years to come.



Coat-New Look

Top-New look

Jeans- Zara


Shoes-New Look (old, similar here)

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

Faux Fur Love


Its official, I am in love with my faux fur coat! 

Well, winter has definitely been thrust upon us in London which means freezing cold hands,feet, face, ears…basically just everything for me.

 Oh joy.

However, not all is lost and I am in fact, a little partial to a cold winters day/night so long as its not accompanied by torrential downpours and blistering winds, which of course never happens in England…

Possibly the only good thing about winter (besides having a valid excuse to spend evenings in doors, with your heating turned up to full blast and shoving your face with an unholy amount of junk food to add to your `protective winter layer *ahem*) is that you call pull out all of your favourite winter clothes. For me, thats everything and anything that has enough thermal layering to keep a full-grown hippopotamus snug. Because I get soooooo cold. Thats where this ASOS faux fur coat comes out to play! Not only is it unbelievably warm but its super `this season` too. Yassss ladies, faux fur is in and freezing cold nips are…err…out.

But seriously, I love it so much! My jeans are from River Island by the way- one of THE ONLY places I will ever buy my jeans from. I find it so hard to find jeans that actually fit properly and are simultaneously flattering as I have such odd-shaped legs! But River Island (and on occasion, Toyshop) never seem to fail. Despite being `skinny jeans` they’re actually incredibly stretchy so I can still wear them AND maintain full circulation in my legs. Double points!!

Happy wintering y’all!







Faux Fur Coat- ASOS, (sold out, similar here)

Jeans- River Island 

Boots- New Look, (sold out, similar here)

Sunglasses- Bought from Morocco

London, England

Before I begin I have a confession to make:

I have never been a big fan on London. 

In fact, I would go as far as to say that previously, I would have done everything in my power to avoid going anywhere near the city. 


Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve been to some pretty big cities in my life, some hugely over-populated ones, the kind where you can barely move for tourists, taxi’s and busy commuters. New york, Paris, Berlin, I’ve frequented them all but still there is something about London that makes it all seem 10 times worse. I’ve managed to navigate my way through metro system after metro system abroad, even when it was written in a foreign language and yet just hearing the words ‘London underground’ sends me into a frenzy of panic and I end up running towards the nearest old man (they always seem to take pity on me as I have the face of a lost 12-year-old) to ask for help.

However, all that being said, for the past 4 weeks I have being staying with friends in London and by some miracle, Ive actually started to warm to it. That doesn’t mean I particularly ‘like’ it yet, but it’s definitely no longer the place I would have done everything to avoid anymore. So, some improvement! I guess London is like any other city in the world, its all down to a joint  combination of the company you keep and what you make of it. 

So without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite things to do in London: 

The usual

As much as I hate to be a noticeable tourist, sometimes you’ve just gotta cave in and go for the all-out tourist look (backpack and oversized map optional). And there’s no better time or place to act like a tourist than when you’re in the big smoke, surrounded by some of the most notable attractions in the UK. Big ben? Check. The British museum? Check. Houses of parliament? Check. Piccadilly circus? Check. The list of tourist hot spots goes on and on and can sometimes turn into a week-long event. I would recommend visiting them all if you can, partly just so you can say ‘I’ve been there’ but partly because they’re actually pretty cool. If a week-long tourist event isn’t your kind of thing then try squeezing in some of the best. Covent garden has a great vibe to it and there is always some kind of free entertainment taking place, from live music and street performances to magic shows. There are also a gazillion coffee shops here so you can sit and soak up the free entertainment over a nice cup of tea (or in my case an extra strong coffee). Buckingham palace changing of the guard is one of those things you just have to see and then slyly spend 5 minutes doing everything you can to try and make them laugh- I may be 25 but if you tell me that nothing will stop a guard from keeping a straight face then challenge accepted! 

Shop till you drop 

It’s a well known fact that London is one of the best places on planet earth to indulge in a bit of retail therapy which is probably why Oxford street has been voted one of the busiest streets in the world! With pretty much every high street store in one place, including the biggest and coolest Topshop I have ever seen in my life (they literally had a DJ playing in the corner?!) and an elaborately decorated Harrods which is particular beautiful at christmas time, shopping here becomes quite a magical experience. Just make sure you walk in a meandering river kind of way so that you can avoid the thousands of people stampeding towards you. If the high street aint for you then take a look at the abundance of markets dotted all over the city. Portobello is vibrantly buzzing and you’ll find loads of cheap discounted clothing and shoes which makes it ideal for bargain shopping. Camden market is another one of my favourites and has such an amazing artistic vibe to it. You’ll find all kinds of free-thinking creative people wondering along here making some pretty bold fashion statements! Brick lane and Borough market are also great spots to nab yourself a bargain whist mingling with some fashion-forward artsy types, providing you with some inspiration for your next purchase(s). 

Stick the kettle on 

We Brits are renowned for many things: complaining about the weather, actively joining queue’s in an orderly fashion and waiting patiently, our overbearingly dry sense of humour and sarcasm which can sometimes leave people clueless as to whether we are actually just joking and of course, our good old Queenie… But if theres one thing we’re really famous for, it’s our love of a good cup of tea. Whatever the occasion or situation, a cup of tea will always be the first point of call. And so it makes sense that London has a gazillion places where you can sit back and relax in true British manner over a nice pot of piping hot tea. Lavish Habit in Balham is a small and quirky vintage cafe run by two sisters, the decor is a bit like alice in wonderland meets someone with an addiction to hoarding mis-matched tea cups. I’m probably under-selling it but trust me, its a great little joint. Wild Food Café in Covent garden is another quirky favourite, with its vibrant and almost spiritual decor, it makes for a great place to unwind and get some inspirational juices flowing. Well-known for it’s healthy foods and drinks, this cafe is often packed full of tourists and locals alike waiting to wet their whistles with everything from herbal and medicinal teas to carrot cake and hazelnut brownies! Alternatively, if you want to experience something a little more fancy and budget isn’t an issue then check out Claridge’s for some afternoon tea. After serving tea in fancy cups for more than 150 years, you can be sure this experience will be a rather glamorous one. Prices start from £55 per person and the dress code is (for obvious reasons) smart. 

The grass is greener 

Turns out that for a big, congested city, London actually has a lot of grass (the green kind of course). The city bears several vast and beautiful parks including the infamous Hyde park which is home to a number of famous landmarks such as the Serpentine Lake and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. Richmond park is another absolute gem and is also a National nature reserve and a European special area of conservation. You’ll likely find the park is crowded at any time of the day and not just with other people, it’s green fields are home to hundreds of Red and Fallow deer which are a truly beautiful site to behold (and make for some equally beautiful photos!). Primrose hill at Regents park is one of my absolute favourite spots in London and is also one of the six protected viewpoints in the city. Standing at the top of the summit on a cloud-free day, almost 63 metres above sea level, you get a magnificent view of the city. With everyone sat at the top looking out across the city, it gives the place an almost cinematic atmosphere.

It’s showtime, baby! 

And finally, you just can’t visit London without watching a West end show! With the West End theatre showing some of the highest quality theatre productions in the world, from musicals to classic plays and comedies and all with some big star line-ups, you’re sure to find the perfect show for you. Wicked, Les Miserables, The Lion King and Billy Elliot are some of the most highly acclaimed and commended shows but with around 40 theatres in the west end area, there are hundreds more to chose from. Take a look at visitlondon.com  and westendtheatrebookings.com to get up to 60% off your tickets when you buy online.