The Knee-Highs

Hey guys and gals! 

Like I mentioned in my last post  I’m trying extra hard to publish new stuff every week! Lets hope I can stick to it for a while at least! 

I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who suffered through hurricane Irma last week, I wish you all a speedy recovery, such a terrible time. 

On a lighter note, the sun made a rare appearance last week so me and my boy frantically races to my favourite park in London, Battersea to grab a few snaps of ME NEW BOOTS!

I have been pining after a pair of knee high boots for almost 2 years but never had the courage (they are EXTREMELY SEXY IMO!) or the money to buy them (if I’m being honest!). But my lovely man managed to hunt down this incredible pair for me recently (he really is the best!) and I am absolutely in love with them! 

They are super soft suede with adjustable strings at the back which means they sit perfectly just above the knees. The heel isn’t too big either which means I can actually walk in them because I am terrible at walking in heels! Is is just me or does anyone else watch other women in awe as they strut around effortless in 6-inch stilettos?! 

As you can probably tell, the wind decided to thrust itself upon us mid-shoot so apologies for the crazy messy fringe! I got a new ‘bangs’ style cut in a few weeks ago but its an absolute nightmare to keep in place in this crazy weather! 

Anyway, back to the boots! They are unbelievably comfortable, no joke. They also sit extra nicely on the legs when I team them with skinny jeans, something I’ll be doing much more when winter creeps upon us- somehow I think this will be happening very soon. God, I need a holiday! 


I’m really loving the old-school retro look lately, think Bridgette Bardot, flared jeans, turtleneck tops- that sorta thing! Being in London Im constantly surrounded by people who are not shy to experiment when it comes to fashion, particularly that vintage look and its so inspiring! 

What do you guys think of the look? Let me know! 

Denim dress- H&M (can’t find it online for some reason, similar here)

Striped top- Asos 

Knee High boots- Dune 


The perks of being a wallflower

Hey guys and gals.

It has been a very long time since I have written anything on the blog. In fact, I had almost started to forget this thing even existed if I’m being completely honest. I can only apologise, I just haven’t really been in the right place ‘mentally’ in recent months to sit down and put pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keyboard).

Nonetheless, I decided today would be the day that I finally broke out of my cycle of procrastination and un-productivity and did something more useful than searching for autumn/winter fashion trends on Pinterest and googling Emily ratatowski’s diet plan (apparently she eats baked goods and does no exercise except for yoga incase you’re interested- total bullshit, also, incase you’re interested).

Instead I wanted to share with you a big lesson I have learned (and also struggled with) since moving to London in October of 2015.

So, most, if not all of you are probably aware of or have read the book `The perks of being a wallflower’ and if you haven’t read the book then you may have watched the subsequent movie adaption.

If not, here’s a VERY brief summary

Basically, the novel centers around an extremely shy and introverted young boy as he attempts to navigate his way through society and thus integrate himself into the big wide world.

For me (and I could well be completely off-key here so don’t judge me), the resounding theme or ‘message’ of the book is centred around the innate need for us humans to overcome shyness and its accompanying attributes and instead attempt to stand out from the crowd, or at the very least try to blend into it.

Congratulations if you’re still following me here.. and please continue to stick with me because there is a valid reason behind me talking all this nonsense.

When I moved to London those (almost) 2 years ago, I had never considered myself to be a ‘wallflower’. In fact, I actually thought of myself to be quite the opposite.

I had travelled to some of the furthest regions of the world (mostly alone), something I know many young females wouldn’t even dream of doing. I had packed all my bags and relocated to the other side of the world more times than I can remember, I had gained a wealth of independence and pretty much lacked any form of self-doubt- if I wanted to do something, I did it. Simples. On top of this, I had successfully blagged my way into a job working as a radio presenter, not a career move you would typically associate with the ‘shy, introvert’, unconfident type.

Life had thus far been pretty easy for me. I had somehow managed to bypass that terrible stage of worrying about what other people thought of me, whether or not I was liked, if I did or didn’t fit in. Instead, I pretty much lived for myself, did my own thing and my biggest challenges in life revolved mainly around what I was going to eat for dinner.

However, within a matter of weeks of settling down into my new life in London, I suddenly started to notice little thoughts creeping into my head that had somehow never managed to make it past that sponge-like barrier before.

Walking along Oxford street one day, I was confronted with the image of what can only be described as a pre-pubescent Billie holiday-lookalike wearing what seemed to be a bin bag and a pair of bright white adidas trainers.

After my brain had managed to completely digest all of the above (and after 2 minutes of confusion and laughter), it was as if the fabric draped across my eyes had suddenly been lifted (translated: the wind blew my fringe out the way) and I started to take a proper look my surroundings-  A beautiful 6-foot-tall woman glammed up to the max, effortlessly strutting her stuff in Louboutin’s, a bunch of eclectic looking indie youngsters rocking oversized glasses and Levi Jeans, carrying big satchels emblazoned with the words `London College of fashion’. A group of 20-something guys with moustaches so perfectly pointy they made Salvador Dali look like an amateur. And there was me, perfectly painted into the background of this glorious picture- a grey, fading splodge on this piece of art. 

I know a lot of people (particularly those who don’t live in London), would have viewed this sight rather indifferently and instead exclaimed ‘what a bunch of weirdo’s!’ before continuing on with their daily routines in the ‘real world’. 

But that isn’t how my mind chose to operate. Instead, I looked at myself in the reflection of a shop window, dressed in my lifeless grey denim jeans and my plain white tee, hair scraped back in a bun, traces of yesterdays spaghetti bolognaise still hanging around the corners of my mouth and thought to myself, ‘My god, I am really boring’.

This was the first time (and nowhere near the last) that I considered myself to bear a striking resemblance to a wallflower.

The problem with London and, in fact, most major cities throughout the world is that they are so over-saturated with millions of other human beings who are all trying to stand out from the crowd that inevitably, 80% of them end up blending right into it. And I had unknowingly become part of that 80%. 

And I’m not just talking in terms of fashion and physical appearance. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed since moving here its that confidence is everything and if you don’t have an insane amount of it (to the point that’s its almost arrogance, in some cases) you literally will not get anywhere. Whether that ‘anywhere’ is making new friends, getting a job or simply being noticed by passersby. If you don’t have the confidence to say ‘look at me, here I am, I deserve to be acknowledged because I’m not like everyone else’, you will never progress, no matter what you’re trying to do.

Believe it or not, I don’t actually like standing in front of a camera and having my photo taken- in fact, if I’m out at a nightclub or special event with my friends (a VERY rare occasion) or at a family gathering (another rare one) I will actively do my best James Bond impression and dive-bomb out of the way if I see the flashing lights of a camera heading my way. Why? Because I, along with millions of other women across the globe, have my own deep-routed insecurities and I really cannot be arsed to stare those insecurities dead in the face when my friends/family start uploading those pictures onto every social media site known to mankind.

However, I realised that this mentality wasn’t going to get me anywhere in the big wide world, let alone in London. Take for example my blog. When I first began publishing posts, I had a very small collective of family and friends who would read it. That was great but I wanted it to be so much more than that, I wanted my thoughts and my opinions to be shared on a much larger scale and thus I NEEDED to start posting stuff that would do just that. And so I began facing up to my insecurities and prancing around awkwardly in front of the camera, modelling random bits of clothes that I had found crushed at the bottom of my suitcase in the hope that a younger populous would start taking notice. Did they? Yes, they did. Why? Because I did something different, I pushed aside that lack of confidence and that constant security of being a wallflower and did something that would get me noticed.

And Im not alone in recognising that sometimes in order to get ahead of the game, we need to overcome our insecurities and push through our mental boundaries, perhaps doing something out of the box or extraordinary. Take Chris Putnam  for example. Once more of the shy and retiring geek-type, Chris was inspired to do something off-the-chart ambitious to land himself a job at Facebook after the social media giant visited his university campus in 2006. Realizing that hundreds of his fellow students would now be clogging up the inbox of Mark Zuckerberg begging for a job, Chris decided the easiest way to catch their attention was to… hack them. Yes, you read that right. Putnam created a viral worm that spread throughout thousands of profiles, making them look identical to those of MySpace. Did his elaborate plan work? You bet it did! Before long Facebook had called Putnam demanding he explain what he had done and by the end of the conversation, they had offered him a job interview.

I’m not suggesting that simply overhauling your wardrobe and dressing in 6-inch neon platforms and a space suit is suddenly going to get you noticed by the future love of your life. Nor am I implying that you need to do something crazy and irrational in order to nab yourself that dream job. That’s just wishful thinking and furthermore, might actually land you in a slightly troublesome position with the authorities.

But what I am saying is this:

Yes, being a wallflower does have its perks- it’s a safe place to sit, admiring and absorbing the crazy beauty of society whilst perked on your little wooden fence. It allows you to feel comfortable and secure, knowing that you don’t need to compete or prove your self worth to anyone but you. You don’t need to dress a certain way or look a certain way or act a certain way to please the masses, in fact, you don’t really have to do much of anything… but as a consequence, it also wont get you anywhere. In fact, being a wallflower is effectively giving society permission to push you into the background of life’s happenings. That may be a pill hard to swallow but it is (sadly) the world we now live in as a competitive, technological and internet-obsessed society.

If you really want to stand out and perhaps slowly but inevitably get somewhere, you’ve got to put yourself out there. You have to let go of those fears, insecurities and those wallflower tendencies, stop questioning ‘what if?’ and ‘what will happen?’ and instead just do it. Dress the way you want to, no holds barred, be as confident as you like and if not, fake it till you become it.

And if people start telling you that you’re weird or arrogant, or mentally unstable (and they will, believe me) then you look over your shoulder as they’re tip-toeing at snails pace behind you whilst you’re on the fast-track to life success and say “ F*** you, me and my leather-bound moon boots are onto bigger and better things”.





Oversized Topshop

Happy weekend! 

After spending the last few weeks struggling through this icy weather in a worn-out pair of converse trainers, I finally decided to head out to Portobello Market to try and nab myself a decent pair of boots. I honestly have the worst circulation in my hands and feet ever, so when they’re cold, the rest of my body really feels it. 

Whilst I was out and about I thought I’d take a few snaps of my new Topshop faux fur jacket which was one of my christmas presents from Benj. I have seen so many people rocking the Zara faux leather version of this and as much as I love it, there was just something about the Topshop version that I preferred. I feel like it looks much more feminine due to the soft material and it is also SO unbelievably warm! (even with just a simple t-shirt on underneath). I’d love to be one of those women who can dress purely for style in the winter but Im all about practicality- anything that will keep me at a normal body temperature and won’t be too restrictive. 

Im still trying to figure out how to style it up- maybe a few oversized turtlenecks and some skinny jeans? Im going through a little fashion ‘low’ at the moment- I think Im getting to that stage in my life when I really want to try something more bold and adventurous with my style but I’m not really sure ‘where’ I want to go with it, if that makes sense? If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for some styles I should try, I would love to hear them!


Boho Chick

I love love love a boho chick look for summer! 

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I bought these AMAZING boho trousers from Primark of all places! Not that I have anything against Primark clothing by the way, its just that they look so much more expensive and high street than that! The elasticated waist band makes them super comfortable and the flared and light material literally makes me feel like I’m walking around wearing nothing in the intense heat of morocco! I love the Aztec-looking design on the side panels as it adds a bit of a nomad, tribal edge to them. These are quite high waisted although they may be less so if you’re on the shorter side, height wise. Even so, crop tops or off the shoulder tops (which I’m addicted to at the moment!) work so well with these!

I’ll be stocking up on a few more pairs of these boho badboys when I return to England after my lovely stay here in Morocco,  Although I have a funny feeling they’re going to sell out soon! Also, how amazing is my headband? Also from Primark for an absolute steel at 1.50! Super stretchy and comfortable and perfect for keeping my unruly main at bay in this 40 degree heat!


Trousers- Primark

Crop top- Bershka

Headband- Primark

Shoes- New look

 Sunglasses- Oliver peoples

Back to Black

You know how the saying goes, when in Rome? Well, when in Morocco…

Surprisingly, djellaba`s- a traditional garment worn commonly throughout Morocco- are actually a lot more comfortable and breezy then you would expect! I picked up this gorgeous black number from one of the hundreds of souks dotted all around Marrakech for just under a tenner! I love the intricate gold detail at the waist and I am a sucker for anything black as it is simple, elegant and classy. I would love to cut this open at the front and wear it as a sort of long kaftan but I’m too scared to do anything to it incase I ruin it! You can find so many designs and colors of djellaba`s all around morocco (and the middle east for that matter) but if you’re not going anywhere near there for quite some time and you fancy yourself a djellaba or two, take a look on eBay. You can find some really good quality ones for a very decent price although you may have to buy from abroad.

Oh and by the way, I am a firm believer that clothes can and should be used as a way of expressing your inner artist or creativity and just because certain items of clothing may be attached to certain backgrounds, religions or countries, who says you can’t embrace and style them out with your own personal touch?! And remember ladies, sexy doesn’t always have to mean flashing the flesh, this outfit is a perfect example!

Black Djellaba-Morroco  

Heels-New Look (sold out, similar here

Winter Blues

Happy (belated) Christmas to you all and a merry winter! I hope Santa spoiled you with gifts and love galore. You may have noticed I have been slightly absent over the December period so my blog is looking a little bare. Truth be told, December has been a bit of a rough month for me, beginning with me having my wisdom teeth removed and ending with a short but strong bout (check) of gastritis. In between being sick as a dog, I began a part-time job and crammed in seeing as many family members and friends as I could in the run-up to Christmas (this included a lot of travelling across the UK) so I really didn’t have any time to sit down at my laptop and write anything. Honestly, I have really missed writing and blogging but sometimes its does the mind and body good to take a little break. It might be a bit of a taboo subject but I always like to be honest, in reality, it can be quite difficult to maintain my blog when it doesn’t provide me with any income. In an ideal world I would be making some kind of profit for all the work I put in, which by the way is quite a lot, but as I don’t, it leaves little time to focus on blogging and more time spent in the money-making world.

Anyway, rant over, hopefully this year I will be able to create a decent balance between the two!

I am loving this navy blue winter coat from New Look right now. There is something about a long-length, straight-cut coat that makes a woman feel powerful, as if you’re about to head to your office in downtown Manhattan (is it just me, or do you feel the same?). I had my eye on it for some time but resisted he urge to buy it as I just knew that New Look would stick it on their winter sale racks in good time, and that they did!

Perfect for this winter weather (it is literally FREEZING here in London at the moment) and chic enough to go with anything, I think this will be in my wardrobe for a few years to come.



Coat-New Look

Top-New look

Jeans- Zara


Shoes-New Look (old, similar here)

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples

Faux Fur Love


Its official, I am in love with my faux fur coat! 

Well, winter has definitely been thrust upon us in London which means freezing cold hands,feet, face, ears…basically just everything for me.

 Oh joy.

However, not all is lost and I am in fact, a little partial to a cold winters day/night so long as its not accompanied by torrential downpours and blistering winds, which of course never happens in England…

Possibly the only good thing about winter (besides having a valid excuse to spend evenings in doors, with your heating turned up to full blast and shoving your face with an unholy amount of junk food to add to your `protective winter layer *ahem*) is that you call pull out all of your favourite winter clothes. For me, thats everything and anything that has enough thermal layering to keep a full-grown hippopotamus snug. Because I get soooooo cold. Thats where this ASOS faux fur coat comes out to play! Not only is it unbelievably warm but its super `this season` too. Yassss ladies, faux fur is in and freezing cold nips are…err…out.

But seriously, I love it so much! My jeans are from River Island by the way- one of THE ONLY places I will ever buy my jeans from. I find it so hard to find jeans that actually fit properly and are simultaneously flattering as I have such odd-shaped legs! But River Island (and on occasion, Toyshop) never seem to fail. Despite being `skinny jeans` they’re actually incredibly stretchy so I can still wear them AND maintain full circulation in my legs. Double points!!

Happy wintering y’all!







Faux Fur Coat- ASOS, (sold out, similar here)

Jeans- River Island 

Boots- New Look, (sold out, similar here)

Sunglasses- Bought from Morocco

Feeling Floral


So New Look just upped its summer outfit game!!

Whilst out and about picking up a few groceries this weekend, I decided to pop into my local New Look to see if I could find something I could quickly throw on as I had (yet again) dressed completely inappropriately for the weather and had worked up quite the sweat! This cute little floral number was practically calling out to me as I browsed through their summer collection and was the bargain price of £20!! Twenty bleeding pounds! I’m a huge fan of off-the-shoulder dresses and tops (incase you hadn’t already noticed!) their so feminine and just perfect for summer.

As the material is pretty loose, I would pick up a dress size or two smaller than your normal size, I’m a size 8-10 generally but had to pick up a 6 in this number to get a bit more of a fitted look.

You can thank me later!

Dress- New Look

Shoes- ASOS

Bag- Radley London

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples






One shade of grey

As soon as I swept my eyes upon this grey warehouse maxi dress, I knew I had to have it but at just under 60, it was way out of my wardrobe budget! So, when warehouse started their winter sale (which consisted of mainly summer clothing), I practically raced down there to search high and low for this dress! I almost broke out in my best Beyonce dance routine when I saw it had been reduced to 15!

The material is deceiving as although it looks quite heavy and quilted, its actually incredibly light and breezy which makes it ideal for hot weather (hence why it was my go-to evening dress in Morocco with the heavy desert heat).  

Warehouse generally have some really pretty, quirky and glamorous maxi dresses during the summer but they seem to have a slightly smaller range this year. Not to worry though, plenty of high street stores such as New Look, Topshop and online retailers ASOS, all have some gorgeous maxis at the moment.

Grey Maxi dress- Warehouse

P.s- the location for this shoot was the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, if you haven’t been before then I would highly suggest you visit, its absolutely show-stopping!

Cool, Calm and Collected

So as you can probably tell, I am not exactly doing a great job of keeping up with my new years resolution of posting more on the blog….

I do have a valid reason though, having spent the last 2 weeks working non-stop on a writing project!

The weather in the UK is extremely erratic at the moment, so my outfits are changing every other day! Yesterday however it was nothing but blue skies so I quickly raced out the house to take a few snaps (and then realised that it was actually still very, very cold).

Anyway, heres a little outfit inspiration for you, mainly just so I can show off my new Oliver people’s sunglasses which my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with this week. Nothing says ‘Im cool as f**k’ than a pair of reflective sunglasses, (they also make for great stalking-wear as none can see my nosey eyes).

I cannot wait for some of that sweet summer sun to arrive so I can show off these glasses in all their glory!


White drape blouse- Topshop
Black straight-cut trousers- H&M
Sandals- Birkenstocks
Sunglasses- Oliver people
Hat- Vintage
Rucksack- Primark
Clutch bag- Primark