Faux Fur Love


Its official, I am in love with my faux fur coat! 

Well, winter has definitely been thrust upon us in London which means freezing cold hands,feet, face, ears…basically just everything for me.

 Oh joy.

However, not all is lost and I am in fact, a little partial to a cold winters day/night so long as its not accompanied by torrential downpours and blistering winds, which of course never happens in England…

Possibly the only good thing about winter (besides having a valid excuse to spend evenings in doors, with your heating turned up to full blast and shoving your face with an unholy amount of junk food to add to your `protective winter layer *ahem*) is that you call pull out all of your favourite winter clothes. For me, thats everything and anything that has enough thermal layering to keep a full-grown hippopotamus snug. Because I get soooooo cold. Thats where this ASOS faux fur coat comes out to play! Not only is it unbelievably warm but its super `this season` too. Yassss ladies, faux fur is in and freezing cold nips are…err…out.

But seriously, I love it so much! My jeans are from River Island by the way- one of THE ONLY places I will ever buy my jeans from. I find it so hard to find jeans that actually fit properly and are simultaneously flattering as I have such odd-shaped legs! But River Island (and on occasion, Toyshop) never seem to fail. Despite being `skinny jeans` they’re actually incredibly stretchy so I can still wear them AND maintain full circulation in my legs. Double points!!

Happy wintering y’all!







Faux Fur Coat- ASOS, (sold out, similar here)

Jeans- River Island 

Boots- New Look, (sold out, similar here)

Sunglasses- Bought from Morocco

Cream colored coat obsession


Hello from London, where it is currently a freezing 3 degrees and my fingers are so cold that typing this has started to feel like an olympic sport.

 As you are probably aware by now, I have a little bit of an obsession with Coats and Jackets or anything that looks like it could be worn as a coat or jacket..



I picked up this gorgeous creamy beige Coat in the Zara January sales at an absolute bargain price of £29.99 and I’m kind of still high-fiving myself for it now. Not only is it a classic piece but when I slip it on, I feel like I’m being hugged by a big wooly bear (not the Revenant kind, the snug kind).

Zara have an amazing sale on right now, like, literally, AMAZING so I would highly recommend you take a look if you fancy nabbing yourself some winter bargains.

I promise once it starts getting warmer, I’ll start blogging about something other than coats and jackets!!



Coat- Zara

Grey T-shirt-H&M

Black Jeggings-H&M

Leather Bag- Zara

Boots- New Look

Scarf- Primark

Hat- Primark