Spring has sprung

Whenever friends or family have taken a peek inside my wardrobe, their general feedback has always been something along the lines of ‘are you going to a funeral?’ ‘Do you have anything that isn’t black?’ and ‘seriously, are you sure you’re not going to a funeral?’

In other words my wardrobe is generally very.. black. I owe this to being a particularly chubby youngster and thus deciding to mask my figure in the blackest of black clothing in a desperate bid to hide said chubiness. At the time, I thought this worked as a great disguise, after all everyone knows that black is slimming. However, looking back at old photos now I actually looked more like some kind of slightly feminine, oddly-proportioned penguin as opposed to Kate Moss (perhaps my expectations of the colour black were slightly too high?).

Anyway, wearing black became second-nature to me and my habit of buying anything and everything in black was never really questioned until my birthday last year. Rather like an epiphany of sorts, I woke up one morning and thought ‘I should probably add a bit of colour to my life’. So, off I clucked to my wardrobe and cleansed myself of all things black, dark blue, light black, kind of blue but pretty much black… And I bought some light into my (wardrobe) life!

This floral maxi dress quickly became one of my favourite ‘colourful’ purchases. Not only is it super comfortable and loose but it can be dressed up or down for any occasion, it’s got a kind of vintage feeling to it too, which I absolutely love. 

Im also a huge fan of florals so its pretty much win win for me! 

Now that Summer is slowly starting to creep into London (and I DO mean slowly), Im going to start incorporating more and more colour into my every day wardrobe because you get one life so you might as well make it a colourful one! 

Dress- New Look (sold out, similar here)

Jacket- Primark 

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples 

Suede bag- Ebay 

Sandals- H&M (sold out, similar here)

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