Purple Reign

Purple rainnnnnnn Purple raiiiiiiinnnnnn!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

So, Im back with another fashion post, I seem to be reeling them out quite regularly lately.

This is another one of those gorgeous gems I found on my wanders through Marrakesh`s abundant souk markets. As I mentioned a few months ago, Ive been making a conscious effort to add a bit more colour to my all-black wardrobe and generally, purple isn’t a colour I have previously felt comfortable wearing. I guess because its very bright and thus attracts a lot more attention that my standard black outfits would, I was a little dubious to buy something as bright as this purple colour but after trying it on and showing my boyfriend who absolutely loved it, I thought `Hell, why not?!`

Is it super cringe to say I feel like a princess when I wear it? Well I do! The floaty cut paired with the contrasting purple and gold belt is just wonderful and yeah, kinda princess-y!

I mentioned before that dresses and jilaba`s like this can be found everywhere across Morocco, so if you’re heading there soon you will most definitely be spoilt for choice!

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