Oversized Zara

Winter is coming!!!

If you didn’t get that reference to GAME OF THRONES then stop everything you are doing, find yourself a dark cave and go and tune into HBO for 2 weeks straight.


I am currently in London and I think its fair to say by the lack of circulation in my hands and feet that winter has definitely arrived. I am 99% sure that it is colder than last year but thats probably because I made the wise decision to stay in the sunny sand pit known as Abu Dhabi in 2014 (sigh). As soon as I started to notice ice on rooftops early in the morning and the depressed-looking windswept faces of strangers in the street, I thought it must be about that time that I begin my hunt for a winter coat. I have been searching high and low for a warm and comfy camel coloured-coat (quite the mouthful, that) since last year but had thus far failed on my quest, instead resorting to a cheap and durable Primark mac. So when this bad boy popped up on Zara, I knew I needed to have it now NOW NOW! I let out a little yelp when I realised it had sold out within months and not one store seemed to be re-stocking it anywhere in Europe. Luckily, some super smart know-hows with a great eye for fashion started flogging it on eBay, albeit at a slightly higher price. Was it worth the extra £20? YES IT BLOODY WAS! I am in love with everything about this coat!

Not only is it super warm, fluffy and comfortable but the oversize look means I can eat at least 3 boxes of mince pies and still no one will notice I’ve gained 10 pounds of pure pastry, genius!

Oversized jacket- Zara/ Ebay

Black jeans- Pull and bear (Sold out, similar here)

Trainers- Nike 

Sunglasses- Rayban 

Happy winter!

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