One shade of grey

As soon as I swept my eyes upon this grey warehouse maxi dress, I knew I had to have it but at just under 60, it was way out of my wardrobe budget! So, when warehouse started their winter sale (which consisted of mainly summer clothing), I practically raced down there to search high and low for this dress! I almost broke out in my best Beyonce dance routine when I saw it had been reduced to 15!

The material is deceiving as although it looks quite heavy and quilted, its actually incredibly light and breezy which makes it ideal for hot weather (hence why it was my go-to evening dress in Morocco with the heavy desert heat).  

Warehouse generally have some really pretty, quirky and glamorous maxi dresses during the summer but they seem to have a slightly smaller range this year. Not to worry though, plenty of high street stores such as New Look, Topshop and online retailers ASOS, all have some gorgeous maxis at the moment.

Grey Maxi dress- Warehouse

P.s- the location for this shoot was the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, if you haven’t been before then I would highly suggest you visit, its absolutely show-stopping!

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