Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation review


If you’ve seen any of my recent fashion posts and have a keen eye then you might have noticed that my face is… shall we say.. a little more ‘vibrant’ than the rest of my body.

Yes, you’re right.

For the last few months, unashamedly, I have been wearing the wrong coloured foundation. A whole 2 shades wrong, in fact.

During my time in Barcelona I picked up the highly recommended Kat Von D foundation and at that point in time, it was the perfect match for my skin tone. I had a very warm tan and the foundation itself gave me the perfect coverage without being too heavy. However, after moving back to the UK, my sun-kissed skin only made it to four weeks before returning to its routine pale British whiteness. SIGH. But, being the optimistic that I am, I was convinced that if used just a little bit less and combined it with a light moisturiser, my beloved Kat Von D would blend in a little lighter and I wouldn’t have to fork out on a new one.

Wrong again.

  So, after 3 months of people asking me if I had ‘got a face tan’, ‘been on holiday and covered my shoulders’ and ‘seriously, when the f**k are you going to buy a new foundation, Kate?’ I hauled my ass up to MAC.

  If you’re reading this, there’s probably an 89.9% chance that you know what MAC is or you own MAC make-up. Who doesn’t? They’re practically the MCDonalds of the make-up world, only they don’t sell Big Mac’s, they just sell big make-up and they’re called MAC….

  Terrible joke, I apologise.

  Anyway, Big Mac’s aside, I do love pretty much everything MAC produces, ESCPECIALLY their foundations.

  The Studio Sculpt Foundation is so so so light on the skin and provides outstanding coverage, which is why it has long been a staple in my make-up bag. Despite the tube being relatively small in terms of your standard foundation bottle, don’t be fooled, a little goes a looooooong way with this.

I have oily/combination skin but even in those dry areas of my face, this foundation spreads evenly without leaving an oily excess behind. At £25 you’re really getting yourself a bargain here and generally every in-store make-up artist I’ve ever come across has been really helpful in finding the perfect shade for my skin tone and testing it out on my skin. So, if youre looking for an every-day foundation that will have you ready in 5 with no fuss AND lasts incredibly long, this is the one for you!

The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is practically the holy grail of concealers in the make-up world. Just like the Studio Sculpt foundation, it is extremely light on the skin and blends smoothly without giving those annoying crease lines AND it lasts all day. I only have one complaint about this product which is the design of the bottle- the nozzle at the top has to be pushed down in order to retrieve the product and because you need give it a relatively big push, you’ll often end up squeezing out more of the product than is needed!

Take a look at Macs website to see the full range of colours or head to your nearest MAC store to find out more.

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