Femme Vibe

Don’t mind me, just doing my thannnnnnng!

What a turn around from last weekends weather in London, today is miserable and grey! Of course, its making me want to go on holiday (it always does!) so Ive spent the last hour searching for the best sunny locations to visit in July/August. If you guys have any suggestions of somewhere beautiful thats great for budget travellers, let me know!

I picked up this fab little ‘Femme Vibe’ t-shirt from H&M last weekend at the bargain price of £5! I really don’t have many slogan t-shirts (in fact, this is my first one) and I’m also lacking slightly in the ‘basic tee’ department too so I had a huge smile on my face when I saw this! I did have to buy it in a few sizes up though as they had sold out really quickly.

I paired it with my gingham midi skirt which was actually quite a new thanngg for me as I literally NEVER get my legs out! We all have those parts of our body that we’re not overly comfortable or happy with and for me its definitely my legs. But I have been trying more and more lately to embrace and accept my flaws and believe me, there are plenty of them! 

I love seeing other women who are so confident and full of self-acceptance because I know just how difficult it is to be full of self-love in a world that just loves to hate. Do you ladies (and guys) ever feel the same? 

Anyway, its just a quick one from me as I have lots to do in preparation for my trip home next week for my 27th birthday! I can’t believe I’m nearly at the big 2-7, it feels like just yesterday that I was 18, thinking that at 27 i’d be a full-fledged grown up! So not the case! haha!




Femme Vibe t-shirt- H&M (sold out, similar here) 

Midi skirt- New Look

Bag- Primark 

Espadrille Shoes- ASOS

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples 

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