Cool, Calm and Collected

So as you can probably tell, I am not exactly doing a great job of keeping up with my new years resolution of posting more on the blog….

I do have a valid reason though, having spent the last 2 weeks working non-stop on a writing project!

The weather in the UK is extremely erratic at the moment, so my outfits are changing every other day! Yesterday however it was nothing but blue skies so I quickly raced out the house to take a few snaps (and then realised that it was actually still very, very cold).

Anyway, heres a little outfit inspiration for you, mainly just so I can show off my new Oliver people’s sunglasses which my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with this week. Nothing says ‘Im cool as f**k’ than a pair of reflective sunglasses, (they also make for great stalking-wear as none can see my nosey eyes).

I cannot wait for some of that sweet summer sun to arrive so I can show off these glasses in all their glory!


White drape blouse- Topshop
Black straight-cut trousers- H&M
Sandals- Birkenstocks
Sunglasses- Oliver people
Hat- Vintage
Rucksack- Primark
Clutch bag- Primark

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