Faux fur love two

Happy November guys! Where has this year gone? I feel like this has been one of the fastest years of my life and I haven’t even done that much!

As you can probably tell from the photos, its pretty darn cold here in London now. This pretty rapid change in weather only really started about a week ago but my god has the temperature drastically dropped! I LOVE wrapping up in stylish outfits for winter but I really am no good at all when it comes to dealing with the cold and Im already witnessing the affect it is having on my skin and hair ūüôĀ They always get really dry around this time of the year so if any of you have any recommendations for keeping everything nice and moisturised, let me know!¬†

Anyway, after the weatherman decided to tell us all it was going to be colder than Russia last week, I went into full-blown emergency mode and rushed off to camden market to see if I could get myself a fur coat (faux of course)! Up until last year, I had never been a fur coat kinda gal but then again, I’d also never witnessed winters as cold as they are in London. Last years trusty faux fur coat (which you can see more pictures of¬†here) practically became a life saver for me when the temperature decided to drop to iceberg level. So this year I thought I’d upgrade the old fur and change it up a bit with the colours, opting for a cream/off-white number instead, I have no idea why I decided on cream/white but I did. Sometimes I just have these random epiphany moments and I just roll with it.¬†‚ąö

What do you guys think? 

I can honestly say that wearing this coat is like wrapping yourself up in a thermal blanket- I am  TOASSSTYYYYY. I also got it for an absolute steal may I add. 

So far I have teamed it with my trusty Dr Martens, my knee high boots and my vans trainers and it seems to pretty much go with everything which was a pleasant surprise! There are some FURMAZING coats and jackets in Camden at the moment so if you’re living in London or visiting soon, I would definitely recommend taking a look and don’t forget to negotiate on the price a bit if you can! You could well walk away with a bargain like yours truly.¬†

Faux Fur Coat- Camden Market 

Jeans- Primark 

Boots- Dune 

Baker boy cap- H&M (sold out, similar here) 

The Knee-Highs

Hey guys and gals! 

Like I mentioned in my last post ¬†I’m trying extra hard to publish new stuff every week! Lets hope I can stick to it for a while at least!¬†

I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who suffered through hurricane Irma last week, I wish you all a speedy recovery, such a terrible time. 

On a lighter note, the sun made a rare appearance last week so me and my boy frantically races to my favourite park in London, Battersea to grab a few snaps of ME NEW BOOTS!

I have been pining after a pair of knee high boots for almost 2 years but never had the courage (they are EXTREMELY SEXY IMO!) or the money to buy them (if I’m being honest!). But my lovely man managed to hunt down this¬†incredible pair for me recently (he really is the best!) and I am absolutely in love with them!¬†

They are super soft suede with adjustable strings at the back which means they sit perfectly just above the knees. The heel isn’t too big either which means I can actually walk in them because I am terrible at walking in heels! Is is just me or does anyone else watch other women in awe as they strut around¬†effortless in 6-inch¬†stilettos?!¬†

As you can probably tell, the wind decided to thrust itself upon us mid-shoot so apologies for the crazy messy fringe! I got a new ‘bangs’ style cut in a few weeks ago but its an absolute nightmare to keep in place in this crazy weather!¬†

Anyway, back to the boots! They are unbelievably comfortable, no joke. They also sit extra nicely on the legs when I team them with skinny jeans, something I’ll be doing much more when winter creeps upon us- somehow I think this will be happening very soon. God, I need a holiday!¬†


I’m really loving the old-school retro look lately, think Bridgette Bardot, flared jeans, turtleneck tops- that sorta thing! Being in London Im constantly surrounded by people who are not shy to experiment when it comes to fashion, particularly that vintage look and its so inspiring!¬†

What do you guys think of the look? Let me know! 

Denim dress- H&M (can’t find it online for some reason, similar here)

Striped top- Asos 

Knee High boots- Dune 


Femme Vibe

Don’t mind me, just doing my thannnnnnng!

What a turn around from last weekends weather in London, today is miserable and grey! Of course, its making me want to go on holiday (it always does!) so Ive spent the last hour searching for the best sunny locations to visit in July/August. If you guys have any suggestions of somewhere beautiful thats great for budget travellers, let me know!

I picked up this fab little¬†‘Femme Vibe’ t-shirt from H&M last weekend at the bargain price of ¬£5! I really don’t have many slogan t-shirts (in fact, this is my first one) and I’m also lacking slightly in the ‘basic tee’ department too so I had a huge smile on my face when I saw this! I did have to buy it in a few sizes up though as they had sold out really quickly.

I paired it with my gingham midi skirt which was actually quite a new thanngg for me as I literally NEVER get my legs out! We all have those parts of our body that we’re not overly comfortable or happy with and for me its definitely my legs. But I have been trying more and more lately to embrace and accept my flaws and believe me, there are plenty of them!¬†

I love seeing other women who are so confident and full of self-acceptance because I know just how difficult it is to be full of self-love in a world that just loves to hate. Do you ladies (and guys) ever feel the same? 

Anyway, its just a quick one from me as I have lots to do in preparation for my trip home next week for my 27th birthday! I can’t believe I’m nearly at the big 2-7, it feels like just yesterday that I was 18, thinking that at 27 i’d be a full-fledged grown up! So not the case! haha!




Femme Vibe t-shirt- H&M (sold out, similar here) 

Midi skirt- New Look

Bag- Primark 

Espadrille Shoes- ASOS

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples 

The London Look

As I write this post the clouds are slowly starting to roll in over London- a complete turnaround from last weekends glorious sunshine! Oh well, you can’t have it all!

After a pretty hectic week at work, I thought I would try and utilise my day off to update the blog! It has been a while but I’ve been finding it hard to make time to write a post lately with so much going on!

Anyway, back to last weekends amazing weather! We decided to make the most of it and headed off to Chelsea to enjoy some sunshine and shopping (two of my favourite things) and so I thought what better occasion to whip out my new culottes from H&M?! 


I have to admit that I was about dubious to try out the whole culottes trend when it first began to hit the high streets. As a more bottom-heavy woman, I have to be very particular when it comes to finding the right trousers/jeans as it can sometimes leaving me looking very oddly proportioned. Therefore, I tend to avoid anything wide cut or flared however these culottes give a great, seamless shape. I think this is owed mainly to the the face that they are high waisted (and of course an elasticated waist always helps!).

They are SUPER comfortable and light which was perfect in the intense London heat (it always seems to be 10x hotter in the city), allowing me to feel as if I was walking around visually naked! (albeit with less strange looks from passersby) 

If you haven’t already nabbed yourself a pair of culottes, I would highly recommend that you do! Not only are they super comfy but they are one of those incredible pieces that can be dressed up or down which makes them perfect for any occasion! I went for something halfway in the middle on this occasion as you can see.¬†

P.S how amazing are my new espadrille wedges from ASOS?! They are THE most comfortable heeled shoes I have ever owned and were an absolute bargain at just £20!! 

Culottes- H&M

Bardot top- Primark

Sandals- H&M (sold out, similar here)

Espadrille wedges- ASOS

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples




Western Woman

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! It’s not like Wednesday is a particularly special occasion for anyone but it is half way through the week which means just two more days until Friday!¬†

I have finally got round to uploading the last of my Chefchaouen pictures and wanted to share this gorgeous little number with you.   The little black dress has long been recognised as a staple piece in any girls wardrobe but I personally am not a fan of anything too tight-fitting so I decided to opt for a little twist on the old LBD. As you are probably aware by now if you regularly check in on my blog, I am an avid fan of Bardot-style, off the shoulder clothing. Whether its tops or dresses, if if its Bardot, its going in my wardrobe. This fab number was found after a good hour of online stalking through high street brands! I wanted something lightweight and floaty as I know just how hot black clothing can make you feel in warm temperatures (but I just love black too much to change!). 

I ordered it in a size small but I actually could have done with ordering an XS because as you can probably tell from the photos, it’s a little bit loose around the waistline. But never fear! I teamed it up with my amazing western-style silver buckle belt from Missguided which I am absolutely in love with! It gives a real boho chick look to the whole outfit and highlights my waistline (which, by the way, is slightly bigger after leaving Chefchaouen than it was when I arrived!).

Hope you like it as much as I do! 




Dress- Boohoo 

Sandals- sold out (similar here) 

Belt- Sold out (similar here) 

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples 

Clashing colours

Hello from a not-so-sunny London :/

Despite arriving back in the UK last week, I feel like I am still suffering from some kind of prolonged jet lag which I blame in part on the drastic change in weather. During my week in Morocco it was averaging 25 degrees upwards but sadly upon my return home I have been greeted with nothing but miserable grey weather and rain. 

In a desperate bid to rid myself of holiday blues I quickly took to reminiscing over my holiday photos and realised I still had a couple more outfit to blog about, this gorgeous maxi dress included! 

You’ve probably heard me say this a thousand times but I am a big lover of maxi dresses and I love nothing more than hunting down the perfect collection of maxi’s for the summer months.¬†

This beautiful off the shoulder number from Choies caught my eye immediately but I was a little bit skeptical about ordering from China as I’ve witnessed way too many funny memes along the lines of ‘what I thought it would look like and what it really looked like when it arrived’. Still I bit the bullet and nabbed it anyway and, despite taking forever and an eternity to arrive, I am a very happy customer!

It is super light-weight and comfortable and was perfect for the warm temperatures in Chefchaouen so I will definitely be wearing it all summer long! The top is¬†elasticated too which makes it perfect for busts of all sizes, so if¬†you’re a UK size 6-10, I¬†would recommend ordering a size ‘S’ like I did.¬†

If you guys have any recommendations on where to buy some eye-catching maxi dresses for this summer, make sure to give me a shout on my Instagram. 

Dress- Choies 

Sunglasses РOliver Peoples 

Sandals- (Sold out) similar here

Gingham Glee

Greetings from sunny Morocco! 

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll most likely have been inundated with photos of bright blue houses and white winding alley ways. I would apologise for the constant feed update but the scenery of Chefchaouen is just too beautiful not to share!¬†

Although I travel often and have done so since the age of 16, I still haven’t quite figured out how to pack exactly right for the weather and as a consequence I ended up jamming a whole load of summer clothes into my suitcase for this trip, only for it to be a ¬†little chiller than id imagined! (I blame google weather updates for this).¬†

However, on the 2 days that we did have gorgeous sunny weather, I swiftly threw on this gingham light weight summer dress from New Look. I love gingham as it has that old style glamour feel to it and it seems to be making quite the comeback this year so when I saw this dress online, I knew I had to have it! 

Although gingham can be quite masculine sometimes, this dress has¬†such a feminine cut to it, emphasised even more by the cute little bow at the back and the floaty skirt. I will definitely be wearing this throughout the summer (I say summer as if England basks in 30 degree heat in the summer… one can only dream!), pairing it with sandals or wedges.¬†

If you haven’t already visited¬†Chefchaouen then I cannot recommend enough that you do so! It was¬†honestly one of the most breathtaking city’s I have ever seen in my life. I¬†will be writing a post soon on where to stay, eat and what to do when¬†you’re there so make sure you check it out!¬†




Dress- New Look

Wedges- New Look

Sunglasses- Oliver peoples 

Spring has sprung

Whenever friends or family have taken a peek inside my wardrobe, their general feedback has always been something along the lines of ‘are you going to a funeral?’ ‘Do you have anything that isn’t black?’ and ‘seriously, are you sure you’re not going to a funeral?’

In other words my wardrobe is generally very.. black. I owe this to being a particularly chubby youngster and thus deciding to mask my figure in the blackest of black clothing in a desperate bid to hide said chubiness. At the time, I thought this worked as a great disguise, after all everyone knows that black is slimming. However, looking back at old photos now I actually looked more like some kind of slightly feminine, oddly-proportioned penguin as opposed to Kate Moss (perhaps my expectations of the colour black were slightly too high?).

Anyway, wearing black became second-nature to me and my habit of buying anything and everything in black was never really questioned until my birthday last year. Rather like an epiphany of sorts, I woke up one morning and thought ‘I should probably add a bit of colour to my life’. So, off I clucked to my wardrobe and cleansed myself of all things black, dark blue, light black, kind of blue but pretty much black… And I bought some light into my (wardrobe) life!

This floral maxi dress¬†quickly became one of my favourite ‘colourful’ purchases. Not only is it super comfortable and loose but it can be dressed up or down for any occasion, it’s got a kind of vintage feeling to it too, which I absolutely love.¬†

Im also a huge fan of florals so its pretty much win win for me! 

Now that Summer is slowly starting to creep into London (and I DO mean slowly), Im going to start incorporating more and more colour into my every day wardrobe because you get one life so you might as well make it a colourful one! 

Dress- New Look (sold out, similar here)

Jacket- Primark 

Sunglasses- Oliver Peoples 

Suede bag- Ebay 

Sandals- H&M (sold out, similar here)

My health & fitness Journey

Its probably taken me as long to get around to writing this blog post as it has to actually start my `fitness journey’! But its better late than never!

I feel a little strange talking about my fitness and weight loss journey as I’m far from perfect (not that such a thing actually exists) and I am definitely not qualified to give any diet or exercise advice. Still, I thought it would be nice to share with you how I got to the point (and weight) that I‚Äôm at today, which, incase you’re interested is 8 1/2 stone.¬†

I was never an overweight kid and never had any sort of mental health issues surrounding what I ate or they way I looked. I didn’t associate chocolate or cake with being ‘bad’ and I didn’t associate fruit or vegetables with being ‘good’. Life was pretty simple, if I liked it, I ate it. Thus, I maintained a pretty well-balanced diet growing up and as a result I was the right weight for my height and age.

However, like most young women in todays, sadly over-expectant and aesthetically-obsessed society, once I hit puberty, my views on my body and the way it should look-including the food I should eat- changed drastically.

At around 13 years old, I vividly remember my friends talking about `dieting’ and `losing weight’ and, being the slow and perhaps naive learner that I was, suddenly feeling bewildered when they started switching up¬†their macaroni cheese hot dinners for Greek salads and fat free yogurt. For me, I just¬†couldn’t¬†understand this whole concept of replacing the foods you love with¬†tasteless, fat-free alternatives. Unfortunately, my¬†unwillingness to even¬†attempt to understand this whole concept¬†quickly resulted in me dropping down in the hierarchy of ‘cool’ girls at school. (at 13 years old this roughly translated to: life is over)

Although initially maintaining my ground and continuing to spend lunch times nomming on Jaffa cakes and cheese sandwiches (minus the crust cuz no-one wants curly hair) things soon began to change. 

When my brain finally registered the strange correlation between my skinny, dieting friends and their popularity ratings, I  suddenly became obsessed with this idea that in order to become more popular and, in the process more appealing to others, I too would have to lose weight.

Obviously now, at the age of 26, it seems so sad that I would even consider this to be true. Today I`m a wiser woman, uneasily convinced or swayed by other peoples point of view, plus if you asked me stop eating Jaffa cakes I would simply tell you to go f**k yourself. However, at 13-years-old, I knew nothing better.

And so I caved in and began the long and treacherous journey of dieting, starving, binging, and self-loathing. I tried every diet under the sun, literally everything. I went carb-free, sugar-free, fat-free, there was the liquid-only diet, the no eating after 3pm diet, the only drinking tea diet and the cabbage soup diet. I would lose 10 pounds, rejoice in my new-found skinniness and then pig out on about 15 pounds‚Äô worth of chocolate as a way of thanking myself for all my hard work. 2 weeks later and I was back at square one, only this time with a severe and sickly dislike of anything cabbage-related and with a lot of excess wind… And so the process would start all over again.

This vicious cycle¬†continued well into my early 20’s and it wasn’t an easy one either. In fact things got so bad at one point that I was diagnosed with anorexia and body dysmorphia, a title I was¬†in no way proud to hold.¬†

Over the past 12 years, I have gone from a size 16 to a size 8. I have weighed almost 13 stone and I have weighed less than 7 stone.

Was I happy throughout? No. Being completely honest, I was miserable regardless of whether I was shoving my face with cake or slipping into a size 6 pair of jeans. 

If you’re still reading this far down then here is a virtual high five (POW) and here is also how I broke the vicious cycle of dieting…

¬†It was during my time working as a volunteer in South Africa that my view of my body and the whole concept of dieting, completely changed for the better. Blessed as I am, I managed to catch myself the worst stomach infection humanly possible and¬†was consequently hospitalised. Unable to eat or drink properly for a week, I lose a huge amount of weight, so much so that I literally¬†couldn’t¬†even stand up properly without feeling dizzy.¬†I had headaches, I went temporarily blind, everything smelt different and I was so unbearably weak. After a few days hooked up to a drip, I had a long chat with my (slightly scary)¬†South African doctor who practically demanded I go back to my hotel and eat a proper meal. After going so long starving myself on a regular basis, I finally¬†realised¬†that I needed to take better care of myself and my body.

For 1 year after being hospitalised, on the recommendation of the doctor, I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol or consume wheat as my stomach had become too weak to handle it. For someone who used to party every weekend and finish the night off with a donor kebab complete with face-sized pitta bread, I think its fair to say I didn’t really take to this like a fish in water.

But, despite my attempts to sabotage my future health, I eventually realised that my stomach really¬†couldn’t cope¬†with¬†it and so I began to cut out all of the bad stuff. Although initially I could only minimise my wheat intake (I literally LOVE carbs) I did eventually eliminate it from my diet all together. Strangely, cutting out alcohol was much, much¬†easier that Id imagined and even to this day I will drink once in a blue moon.¬†

Overtime I began testing out a range of fitness routines to see what worked for me and after much sweating, swearing and vowing never to lift weight again, I decided upon a mixture of Hiit Training and long runs in the park as my chosen workout.

For me, Hiit training keeps things short and simple and can be incorporated into your daily routine. I now do Hiit routines at home around 3 times a week and will go for a run once or twice a week, although if i decide I’m not up to it, thats fine too. The point is that I am not hard on myself anymore. I will not crucify myself for eating chocolate (even if it is a family-sized galaxy¬†bar) and I will not judge or belittle myself if I skip a workout. There is more to life than that and just remembering¬†this has helped me to lose and maintain a decent amount of weight.¬†

4 years on and I`m a size 8-10, a size that I`m pretty comfortable with although I still have plenty of days full of self-loathing. But, I am taking better care of my body and that’s the most important thing.

On a daily basis, I am mindful but not obsessed with what I eat. If I want something, I eat it. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt though my years of dieting, its that deprivation is detrimental to both your physical and mental health.

Another thing I regularly do is walk EVERYWHERE and by everywhere, I mean literally EVERYWHERE.

And its not because I have to but because I want to, I enjoy it and I know its beneficial to my body and my health. Finally, if¬†there is one resounding lesson I have learnt throughout this whole journey it is this: do not attach emotions to your body or what you consume. Your weight is just a number and if you obsess about it regularly it will eventually consume you. The same goes to calories and fat- they are just numbers and instead of obsessing over how much you consume it’s much better for your physical (and mental) health to just be mindful.¬†

Below Is the Hiit training fitness workout I follow, in case you’re interested, there are plenty of different varieties available on youtube but this one serves as my go-to.

P.s- the photos were taken at the Atlas mountains in Marrakesh, if you haven’t read my blog post in Marrakesh yet, click here. ¬†

Leggings- H&M

Trainers- Yeezy 


Much love,



Mohair must-have

I’m back with another camel-coloured mohair-must-have winter coat and perhaps unsurprisingly, its another ZARA number. I would apologies but by now you have probably realised that the majority of my favourite jackets and coats are all from trusty ZARA! They really do make some of the best one-off pieces, particularly for winter! This time it’s this gorgeous camel/beige number, possibly the coat of my dreams…

Now that winter is well and truly under way in London, I can’t think of a better coat to wrap up warm in, and warm it is indeed. Mohair is made from the hair of the Angora goat and is consequently durable, resilient, soft to the touch and naturally insulating. A coat this is smooth, light AND makes you feel like you’re walking around in a thick layer of thermal underwear…. this is what dreams are made of.

The only downside to¬†ZARA’s key pieces or must-have items is that they a) tend to sell out extremely quickly and b) are not re-produced after the initial season. Which means that this bad boy has already sold out. Luckily for you I’ve decided (or more, my partner has decided) that my camel coat collection is slowly becoming an unreasonable obsession (apparently) and so, I’m currently (albeit with much resistance) selling the coat of my dreams on good old EBAY.

I am probably going to shed a little tear when it goes but, knowing me, Ill be obsessing over the next ZARA special next week!

Happy wintering!

Coat- Ebay 

Jeans- River Island

Shirt- Charity shop find

Boots-New Look, (sold out, similar here)

Sunglasses- Oliver peoples (sold out, similar here)