Black and Berber

Please excuse my rather scary and solemn facial expressions in these photos, but I was trying (and failing) to look sultry in my new berber necklace!

Back when I was on the slightly chubbier side, black jumpsuits were my go-to outfit for nights out as they always seemed to cover a multitude of sins (and several spare tyres!). Since those days (and since losing the extra chub) I have barely even thought about adding any kind of jumpsuit to my wardrobe! I guess I kind of felt that they had become a little outdated and subconsciously related them back to my older heavier days. But when my boyfriend picked out this H&M number and suggested I try it, I thought I might as well give it a shot.

Turns out jumpsuits suit all shapes and sizes and have the potential to make you feel incredibly sexy! (and a bit domineering-business-woman-like!).

I teamed this with my new favourite necklace- my traditional Berber silver wear made from the most intricate tiny bits of silver. Despite it being quite large, it is surprisingly light and I absolutely love huge pieces of statement jewellery, especially teamed with something simple and black.

 The best thing about this little black number is that it can be dressed up and down so easily, making it ideal for a handful of occasions. I would even go as far as to say you could probably waltz into your office job wearing it, provided you team it with a suitable and smart top!

Still not sure if jumpsuits are for you?

Take a look at H&Ms range and give it a try, you may be in for a nice surprise!

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