This weeks headline news 04/10/2015


  • A Hungarian family-of-four have been jailed for a total of 17 years this Monday after admitting to holding two women as sex slaves at their home in Bolton. Ferenc Dardai and Melania Kiraly, both 42, and their sons Ferenc Dardai Jnr, 22, and Daniel Dardai, 19, made their victims have sex with up to five men a day whilst they were savagely beaten and starved. The family then proceeded to take £1,000 a week from each of the victims, leaving them penniless. Kiraly also pleaded guilty to entering into a sham marriage with a man from Pakistan.
  • Six British tourists have been charged with public obscenity in Rome this week after they were filmed frolicking naked in the fountain of Naiads, piazza Repubblica. The group of four men and two women, including the company director of a top environmental firm, had been drinking for several hours before deciding to strip off and take a swim in the fountain. Municipal police were called to the scene were they swiftly arrested the group and issued fines of 169 euros, whilst witnesses described the scene as an ‘orgy’. The six are now expected to stand trial and may face up to three years in prison in Italy.
  • Acid attack victim Andreas Christopheros, 29, appeared in public for the first time this week, almost a year after the incident that left him scarred for life. Property developer and father-of-one Christopheros was left partially blinded after 48-year-old David Phillips hurled acid into his face as part of a ‘revenge attack’, later realising he had unknowingly targeted the wrong person. He appeared at Truro Crown court this week where he had been due to stand trial for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but later changed his plea to guilty.
  • An inquest has this week been opened into the death of a 17-year-old teenager who committed suicide after being falsely accused of rape. 17-year-old Jay Cheshire was found hanging in a park in Southampton just one month after being accused of raping a young woman although the charges were later dropped. Family and friends said that the former student at Bitterne Park School had become distraught following the accusations and was later described anti-depressants.
  • John Caudwell, billionaire businessman and co-founder of Phones4U has this week revealed that his ex-wife and three children have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. The bacterial infection, which can cross into both the nervous system and the brain and can in extreme cases cause heart failure- was until now believed to be contracted only from a bite for a tick. But Caudwell strongly believes that the disease is fast becoming an undiagnosed endemic and may be sexually transmitted.


  • A Muslim father has confessed to strangling his 19-year-old daughter to death in an ‘honour killing’ after she fell in love with a boy he did not approve of. Asadullah Khan , 51, who originates from Pakistan but lives with his family in Darmstadt, Germany, admitted to strangling their dental technician daughter Lareeb whilst she slept after learning of her sexual relationship with an unnamed German man. Khan explained to the court that he had hoped his daughter would have an arranged marriage as he himself had and felt that his daughter’s relationship with the young man bought ‘shame’ on the family.
  • In Sular Ghaat, the Punjab region of northern India, two heroic Sikh men broke religious protocol this week by removing their turbans to save the life of four drowning men. Inderpal Singh, 34, took off his turban and threw it out to the young men whom he had spotted drowning in a nearby canal. The men then proceeded to grab hold of it, pulling themselves to safety. Kanwaljit Singh later helped with the rescue by doing the same thing. Turbans or ‘Dastaar’ are traditionally worn to protect the ‘Kesh’- the uncut hair- of the wearer and is one of the five articles of faith in Sikhism. It is a doctrine of Sikhism that wearers can only remove the turban when at home or whilst bathing.
  • German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer, 75, has revealed terror group ISIS plans to launch a ‘nuclear tsunami’ against the west and anyone else who opposes their plans for an Islamic caliphate state. The journalist-who spent several months talking to the organisation over Skype before living with them for 10 days-has written extensively about his time with ISIS in his new book ‘Inside IS – Ten Days In The Islamic State’.
  • Chambermaids working at the luxury park Hyatt hotel in Paris staged a ‘fashion week for the poor’ this week to celebrate their victory after a successful strike on Monday. The protest saw them obtain double pay for public holidays worked and increased meal and travel allowances. Worker strikes are still on-going in nearby hotel ‘the W paris Opera’ as workers are pushing for better working conditions.
  • 9 people have been killed and several others injured in a shooting at Umpqua Community College last Thursday. British-born gunman Chris Harper-Mercer, who moved to the US as a young boy, opened fire on students at the college before police intervened and shot him at the scene. His motives for the attack are still unknown but the attack provoked an empowering speech from U.S president Barack Obama who said shootings had become ‘routine’ within the U.S before urging people to lobby their government representatives to change the laws regarding gun control.
  • New plans were unveiled this week for a capital markets union- or CMU for short. The initiative is designed to build one true single market across all of the 28 European member states, focusing on what people across Europe really need in terms of jobs, economic growth and financial stability. The CMU aims to help finance business, from startups to infrastructure projects in order to help them grow and succeed as well as providing a better range of opportunities for people to invest their money in successful ideas.
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin has this week moved a small but significant military force into Syria to aid the Syrian armed forces in the fight against terror organisation ISIS amongst other extremist groups. So far Russia has moved in a few hundred troops as well as 28 fighter jets, 14 helicopters and 6 tanks as well as heavy artillery equipment. However the president is now facing backlash after video footage revealed many innocent civilians have been attacked during the movement, with many speculating that the move will simply add a more volatile dimension to Syria’s already 4-year-long civil war.
  • The Vatican has come under fire this week for sacking a high-ranking Polish priest just hours after he revealed himself as a homosexual. Father Krzystof Charamsa made the brave move to reveal his sexuality in two separate interviews with an Italian and Polish news programme whilst urging the church to change its ‘backwards’ attitude towards homosexuality. The Vatican swiftly removed him from his position within the church but later denied his interviews were the reason behind the decision.

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